Google Maps

Embed a Google Maps widget anywhere on your site.


Just add [google_maps address="Your address"] to your page and it will embed a Google Map in its place.


The map will be inside a <div> with the class name google_map. This class name is required and cannot be changed.

To create multiple markers, separate your addresses with the pipe (|) character.

The shortcode also supports the following:

  • [google_maps zoom="5"] The zoom level for the map. Default: 14
  • [google_maps controls="false"] This will disable the zoom / street view controls. Default: true
  • [google_maps marker="false"] This will disable the red marker on your address. Default: true
  • [google_maps width="200px" height="200px"] This will allow you to customise the width and height of your map Default: 300px x 300px
  • [google_maps icon=""] This allows you to add a custom marker icon.


[google_maps address="Goodison Park, Liverpool, L4 4EL|Anfield, Liverpool, L4 0TH" width="300px" height="300px"]

Goodison Park, Liverpool, L4 4EL|Anfield, Liverpool, L4 0TH